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Shandong Expressway Materials Storage and Transportation Company Limited (formerly Shandong Provincial Highway Authority Xindian asphalt Station) is located in Linzi district in Zibo City, Shandong Province (next to the refinery of Sinopec Qilu Company), was founded in 1967 as a whole Shandong Expressway Material Group Corporation owned subsidiary. The company holding 76% of Shandong Luxi asphalt Limited, a subsidiary Shijiazh... More>>
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·The Company strengthened the safety managemen...2017-10-19
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·Strengthen the construction of enterprise cul...2017-10-19
·Optimize department settings2017-10-19
·Held the 2016 democratic life meeting2017-10-19
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·Storage and transportation companies to repai...2017-01-14
·Storage and transportation companies to watch...2017-01-14
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